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Delightfully toned with much underlying brilliance, becoming harder to find in higher grades. Read More..

SKU: 8106

Full lustre and much brilliance, a choice example of this milled edge issue. Read More..

SKU: 8105

A lovely deep cabinet tone brimming with golden lustre, a coin with good eye appeal. Read More..

SKU: 7934

Toned with hint of purple florescence, sharply struck with good hair detail. Read More..

SKU: 7935

GVLIEIMVS legend type. A stunning example, lustrous with a radiant iridescent tone. Read More..

SKU: 7940

A simply wonderful coin, the fields shimmering with a beautiful golden-purple iridescent tone, choice. Read More..

SKU: 7659

A superb example with full original colour and lustrous, desirable thus. Read More..

SKU: 7721

Beautifully toned with some lustre, a problem free coin with much eye appeal. Read More..

SKU: 7750

Steely grey tone with light golden highlights and much underlying lustre, a pleasing coin. Read More..

SKU: 7747

A light grey tone over lustrous fields. Slabbed and graded MS65 Read More..

SKU: 7748

Late harp, large crowns, 8 billets, 4 strings to harp. A delightful example with much lustre Read More..

SKU: 7749

Early harp, large crowns. Lightly toned over lustrous fields, a pleasing problem free example. Read More..

SKU: 7728

Script 'y'. A decent example with an attractive steely grey tone. Read More..

SKU: 7725

First I of III over D - apparently only first noted in 2018. Delightfully toned with much underlying brilliance. Read More..

SKU: 7726

The Spink Plate Coin. A lovely light steely grey tone, a handsome piece and desirable thus Read More..

SKU: 7713

First bust, late harp, small crowns. A pleasing dark tone with underlying lustre. Read More..

SKU: 7710

Toned with hints of purple fluorescence to the reverse. Read More..

SKU: 7602

English titles only. A pleasantly toned piece struck on a full and unusually neat and round flan. Read More..

SKU: 7610

Demonstrating a pleasant light steely grey tone with some underlying lustre. Read More..

SKU: 7598

An evenly struck and richly toned piece, on a full flan. Read More..

SKU: 7609

R/I in VICTORIA. A few light marks otherwise lustrous, with a pleasing light golden tone to the periphery. Read More..

SKU: 7626

A lovely deep grey tone, the fields with flashes of underlying mint brilliance, a delectable example. Read More..

SKU: 7632

A delightful example, beautifully toned with flashes of underlying mint brilliance, problem free and desirable. Read More..

SKU: 7600

Late shields, Bull states B/R in BR but this example seems to be R/B. Toned with a few light contact marks. Read More..

SKU: 7392

'Bull' head type. Brilliant and lustrous, a desirable piece. Read More..

SKU: 7482

Light golden tone to the periphery with hints of lustre, an appealing coin in hand. Read More..

SKU: 7475

Plumes in angles. A nicely toned coin, the reverse fields with much underlying brilliance. Rated R2 in ESC. Read More..

SKU: 7467

Roses and plumes in angles. Much underlying mint brilliance, the legends with a mirrored iridescence. Read More..

SKU: 7375

Late shields over early shields and R/B in BR, a stunning example. Read More..

SKU: 7380

A light steely grey and even tone - the obverse with hints of purple florescent. Read More..

SKU: 7379

A light golden peripheral tone, lustrous, a pleasing example. Read More..

SKU: 7328

Well detailed and with a splendid even steely grey tone, a delightful example. Read More..

SKU: 5470

Third bust, late harp, large crowns. Hints of lustre under an even grey tone. Read More..

SKU: 5356

With Semée of hearts. A delightful tone to the periphery and fully lustrous. Read More..

SKU: 5170

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