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A simply wonderful example, lustrous with full mint bloom and highly desirable in this condition. Read More..

SKU: 7724

5 Berries. Lustrous with a delightful tone, some original colour on the reverse, choice. Read More..

SKU: 6174

4 Berries. Lightly toned with good amounts of lustre. Dies 2+B. Rate R2 by Freeman. Read More..

SKU: 5979

Beaded border, 5 berries. Full lustre. Dies 1+A. Rate R5 by Freeman. Read More..

SKU: 5980

A boldly struck piece, well centered with a delightful chocolate tone, hints of lustre on the reverse. Read More..

SKU: 6120

Toothed Border, 5 berries to wreath. Toned with hints of lustre in the legends. Dies 3+B. Read More..

SKU: 5825

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